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    DTR Radios and Accessories for sale

    I'm selling off some of my DTR radios and accessories. They're listed on eBay, but if you'd like something PM me here and I'll give you a deal.
    I have more than I've put on eBay, if you want...

    Andy 08-18-2017, 10:58 PM Go to last post
    Bear McBear

    Re: Com Strobe

    Many thanks!

    Bear McBear 07-31-2017, 08:44 PM Go to last post

    Re: LS9 Mix out for live feed

    SOF won't help with that.

    You're just looking to take an output and feed it to your computer? Use a soundcard or the line-in on your computer.

    Andy 07-31-2017, 05:34 PM Go to last post

    Re: LS9 Mix out for live feed

    I'm look to run a separate mix out of the LS9 for our Live Stream. My old Mackie board had a 'B' mix that I could send out, so I'm hoping I can do something similar with the LS9 through a PC.

    jsmith@pekinfirstnaz.org 07-30-2017, 04:58 PM Go to last post

    Re: Motorla DTR Radio Batteries

    Sorry to bump this sticky, but it got my brain wondering..

    I have a RocketScience FuelPad that I have been using to charge my Nextel/Boost phone batteries (used for Moto/DirecTalk). Since the DTR...

    y10kiscoming 07-29-2017, 08:34 PM Go to last post